The "Bag Tree"- Multi-Purpose Kitchen Countertop Dryer

Your most indespensible kitchen countertop tool to naturally air dry all types of plastic containers and more.


  Now there's a much better and eco-friendly way to dry plastic bags, plastic storage containers/lids, water bottles, lunch sacks and many other plastic products that are washed for re-use. The Bag Tree is a new kitchen countertop device designed to naturally air-dry all types of kitchen plastic products.  When plastic objects are placed on the Bag Tree, air will circulate around them and water droplets will quickly evaporate.  Your product is soon ready for re-use or to store away.  No need to worry about putting things back into the pantry wet.  

The Bag Tree is stylish and attractive on the kitchen countertop. 

Customers love the artistic and  sculptural look of the Bag Tree even when it is not in use.  

The Bag Tree is made from Roble wood from South America that is 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified for sustainability. Roble wood is sturdy, lightweight, absorbent, and anti-microbial.  


The Bag Tree Introduction