About Us

The Bag Tree Story

The Bag Tree was designed by an Orlando, Florida, based landscape architect, who was trying to find a way to recycle plastic storage bags so that they could be reused.  While searching for a suitable wood for this device, he discovered a furniture manufacturer from Bolivia, South America, that uses only 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified Roble hardwood. To be FSC certified, trees must be sustainably harvested, properly transported, and workers must be fairly paid and housed. The wood for the Bag Tree is made from portions of the tree which are left over from the furniture making process, which promotes less waste of valuable timber resources.   

The Bag Tree's Unique Wood

The wood used for the Bag Tree has many naturally beneficial properties for use in the kitchen. The wood has a beautiful grain, is extremely durable, lightweight, and has anti-microbial properties.  The sculptural look of the Bag Tree is one of its best features. Customers love the look of the Bag Tree on the countertop even when it is not being used for drying plastics!   

Save Money while Helping the Enviroment

Customers who use the Bag Tree for recycling plastic storage bags are helping the environment and saving money at the same time!

 If you just consider the amount of plastic storage bags saved, the cost for the Bag Tree is made up in just a few months.   

To date, tens of thousands of plastic bags have been re-used by our customers many times before being discarded.