Customer Feedback and FAQs

Customer Feedback


Really functional and beautiful  “I've been really happy with this purchase. It's far sturdier than my previous bag dryer and I like that it can hold sippy cups upside down as well. The drying arms are screwed into the base and clearly won't come loose. The base is also slightly elevated so it doesn't sit in any dripping water and get warped.” By T Anne W. March 23, 2014
Great, sustainable product Love this so much have been gifting several to family members. It's pricey but it's worth it! I've had mine for several years and always get compliments.” By Lea on October 11, 2016
Drying rack for gloves, bags etc. “This is a great stand to hold my rubber gloves. Very well made and can hold any type of container, gloves or bags as they dry. I find it easy to grab my gloves and put them away. Good product” By Oma on February 25, 2016
"Now This Is Something I Can Use!!!" "My sister is very happy with her gift. I have one and will buy another for myself. One is not enough. By Chris G. on August 4, 2014

 "Functional Art" "Looks good on the counter and is study enough to stay upright when I load the bags on it or when I clean up.” By DS, July 15, 2014
"Very sturdy and handy!"  "Exactly what I needed to dry plastic bags, water bottles, etc. Best of all you can load it up and it won't fall over. The fact that its sustainable wood that won't mold is absolutely icing on the cake!!" By MH, Nov 8, 2015 

"Just what I wanted."  "This bag tree was exactly what I wanted. It's well made and looks elegant when it doesn't have bags on it. Recommended!" By SR, March 24, 2013
"Great Product!"  “This is a nice looking - yet functional - product. The fact that it is a green product makes it that much better.” By DH, Feb 10, 2013
"Compact and Solid!!"  “If you like to reuse your plastic storage bags, this is perfect. It's compact, fits nicely on the counter and provides a convenient place to hang your bags. The item itself is made very solid and seems like it will hold up to frequent use” By LAP, August 16, 2011
"Perfect Solution"  "I looked long and hard for an attractive bag dryer and this totally fits the bill.  This one works as it was intended. Very practical. Nice shape and not flimsy. Does not take up much space on my counter.  It is also a fantastic way to dry my dish gloves. I love it!” By EW, March 23, 2013 



Question: How much does the Bag Tree weigh?
Answer: The Bag Tree weighs less than one pound.
Question: Can it be placed in the dishwasher?
Answer: Yes, the Bag Tree can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand.  
Question: Does this product handle water well?
Customer Answer: I have had mine for several years, put wet bags on it almost daily, and it still looks like the day I bought it. By catwoman on June 2, 2015
Customer Answer: I have two that I have used for several years. I hang wet, drippy bags on them and they still look great. By Christine A. Cichan on June 2, 2015  
Customer Answer: I've had mine for 2 1/2 years and it looks the same as it did when new. I do not put it in water--just hang wet bags on it. By dhk on June 2, 2015
Customer Answer: It has done well for me. No obvious water damage and I use it a lot. By Bob on June 2, 2015  
Customer Answer: Use mine all the time -- works great, no chipping, no stains; have had it 3-4 years. By CG on June 2, 2015