The Many Uses of the Bag Tree

Recycle and re-use plastic storage bags

The Bag Tree is designed to quickly and naturally air dry resealable plastic storage bags after they have been cleaned and rinsed. 

Efficiently dry plastic containers and lids

These containers will quckly dry so you can put them back in storage without worrying about water droplets remaining on the plastic. 

Quickly dry plastic water bottles and components

Plastic water bottles and lids fit nicely on the Bag Tree and will drip dry in minutes, ready for re-use. 

Kids' soft lunch boxes and bottles

Clean them out and leave them to dry overnight ready for use the nest day! 

Kids' lunch containers

 Quickly dry all the plastic components on the Bag Tree! 

Camelbak components

Just insert the Camelbak hydration bladder over the Bag Tree arms and water will quickly evaporate.